This page provides access to desktop software and large data exports. For developers interested in installing server components, please using the scripts in this project.

Software packages for desktop computers

Name Description Files
BioLink Version 3 rewrite of the BioLink Bioinformatics application. 16
Open DELTA A java implementation of the DELTA suite of programs. 6

File downloads

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Name Description Last Updated
ALA Spatial Layers.csv
File size: 410.3 KB
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This is a CSV-formatted file containing the core metadata of all spatial layers in the Spatial Portal

2 years ago Download
Bird records
File size: 1.6 GB
More details

Full export of all the bird records in the Atlas. This is a large dataset of over 29m records and growing.

1 year ago Download
Mollusc records
File size: 47.3 MB
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All the occurrence data for molluscs in the Atlas.

1 year ago Download
Plants records
File size: 764 MB
More details

Full export of plants.

1 year ago Download
Reptile records
File size: 41.4 MB
More details

All the records for reptiles in the Atlas.

1 year ago Download