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The sample BioLink database contains a set of taxon ranking rules that are used when adding child ranks in the Taxon Explorer. The version of the rules that comes in the Starter database incorrectly confuses Phylum with Division as a valid child for Plantae SubKingdoms, manifesting as an inability to add further child ranks of Plantae SubKingdoms.

This script simply updates the rank rules table to make Division the valid sub rank of a Plantae SubKingdom

Filename FixPlantaeSubkingdomChildren.sql
Summary Fix Valid child ranks of a PLANTAE SubKingdom
Size 512 bytes
Project BioLink
Uploaded 09 April, 2014 11:50:51
SHA1 Hash 93b8f05e0919bb938c96b7ebf6140e5b57d35565
MD5 Hash fbadce12c49f5294ee4e0088c1c08a02
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